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POT Cert Week 7: the online classroom – absent without leave

POT Cert Week 7 commenced on Sunday 14th October, and the topic was ‘Building Community in Your Online Classroom’. Having  been  tasked to create a post initiating a discussion about something that we’ve covered in the course so far, it constituted the first part of a two-week community-style discussion. However, I was away on a course last week and was unable to attend to my POT Cert studies; absent without leave no less!! This is a shame as I really believe that creating a sense of community is a vital aspect of learning, not just online learning.

Any how, I figure I’m not going to kick-off any further discussion at this stage but spend my time instead looking over the discussions already under way and offer comments where I feel that I can add something. I’ll consolidate my learning in my next blog post.

P.S In relation to Twitter and creating a community, or personal learning network, I’ve been using Twitter now for almost 2 years.  I started investigating it as a Masters student, both in terms of its potential for teaching and learning and as a tool for professional development. I have to say that Twitter really opens up a lot of opportunities and exposes you to what’s currently happening in your field.  Most definitely, it can be leveraged pedagogically as well.

I hope to see you on Twitter sometime. I’m @crumphelen and the POT Cert hashtag is #potcert.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I would love to know more about how you use Twitter especially in an-online teaching setting. I find out interesting when you talked about how you can read a lot about what goes on in your field of teaching. Would love to know more about that too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Laura P. Laura P.

    I agree with Rachele: It would be great to hear more from you on how you use Twitter. I am intrigued!

  3. Thank you for your interest. My post script wasn’t intended to create an air of mystery. It was just a quick way of flagging up my status in relation to the syllabus.
    I’ll write about Twitter and my experiences in my next post as it significantly relates to PLNs/PLEs, which are highlighted in Jonathan Mott’s article, “Envisioning the post-LMS Era: The Open Learning Network” (2010) …give me a few days.

  4. I would also like to hear more about your use of Twitter as a teaching and learning tool. I have only had minimal experience on the personal level.

  5. […] Week 7: I was “absent without leave” for this week’s topic of building community in the online classroom, so instead of posting anything of substance on the topic, I spent my time instead looking over the discussions that were already under way and offered comments where I felt I could add something of value or interest. I related my experience of using Twitter and consolidated my learning in my next blog post. […]

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