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Helen Crump

All about literacies, learning and technology.

I’m a recent graduate of St. Angela’s College (NUI Galway), Sligo, Ireland where I completed an M.A. in Technology, Learning, Innovation and Change. I’ve recently re-located to the UK (England).

Looking back, I suppose it’s no surprise that I became interested in literacy (and subsequently technology) as I’ve been interested in making sense of the world ever since the world began, for me that’s 1967 (now the cat’s out of the bag), and later, how different people make sense of their world and get on in their daily life. My interest in literacies stems from my family background in pubs and the hospitality industry, observing the meanings people attribute to reading, writing and conversation therein, and also recognizing the supporting skills that people require to do their job.

Through my experience in adult learning, literacy and ICT, I became aware that literacy and learning practices were changing, becoming more digital and connected.  I increasingly came to see literacy as being digital and began to take an interest in learning technology.

I am now looking to develop my passion and insight for digital literacies, social learning and learning technology in order to take it into a Higher Education or professional development context.

This was taken on holiday in Vietnam, 2011.



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