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Publications and Presentations

MOOCs – Connecting and Learning in Open Online Environments: An Autoethnography

Paper presented at Irish Learning Technology Association Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 29th May, 2014. Abstract:

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Signals of Success and Self-directed Learning (in a MOOC)

Paper presented at EMOOCs 2014, the Second MOOC European Stakeholders Summit, Lausanne, Switzerland, 10th Feb, 2014

Taking a collaborative auto ethnography approach, this paper explores the experience of learner participation in a MOOC, learner views of success and the role that connection, self-efficacy and self-directed strategies contribute to the learners’ view of success, submitted by Penny Bentley, Paige Cuff, Helen Crump, Iwona Gniadek, Briar Jamieson, Sheila MacNeill and Yishay Mor.

Published conference proceedings (p.18):

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Travels In The New Learning Landscape.

Presentation at the Centre for Research in the Social Professions [CRiSP] Symposium, IT Sligo, 15th Nov, 2013

[slideshare id=29142436&doc=travelsinthenewlearninglandscape-131212060719-phpapp01]



Beyond the Walled Garden.

Presentation at the 11th Annual Galway Symposium on Higher Education 2013, Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, NUI Galway, 7th June, 2013

[slideshare id=29141510&doc=beyondthewalledgarden-131212054028-phpapp01]



To tweet or not to tweet? A phenomenological enquiry into the disposition of higher education lecturers towards the adoption of Twitter practices.

Viewing Twitter as a digital literacy practice, the enquiry takes a New Literacy Studies perspective to position Twitter as a social practice and considers disposition in terms of Bourdieu’s contextual disposition. The enquiry comprises of five in-depth interviews with lecturers in Irish higher education.

The dissertation was awarded a 2:1

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