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POT Cert Week 13: images and screenshots

Creating Class Elements Part 1: Images and Screenshots

Semester 2 of the Programme for Online Teaching restarts (yeay) with a look at images and screenshots and reads Chapter 9: Creating Courseware and Using Web 2.0 Tools of Ko & Rossen’s Teaching Online – A Practical Guide.

It focuses on how to add interest and interaction to the online learning environment through the use of multimedia courseware and Web 2.0 technologies. Web 2.0 technologies are endorsed because they’re “low threshold, low barrier” technologies. By this Ko and Rossen mean that they’re “easy to learn and easy to apply” tools that promote sharing and collaboration (p. 247).

Not so long ago, it wouldn’t have been possible to create quality learning objects without substantial knowledge of coding and software design. However, the obstacles that formerly impeded instructors have now largely been removed, and it seems that every year Web technologies become easier and easier to learn. Well, there’s more and more of them, that’s for sure.

To explore this topic we were tasked with uploading an image to Flickr and then annotate it. However, although Flickr might be the biggest and most well known photo sharing website, I’ve never had any joy with it, and this time was no different. I find it clunky and plain unintuitive to navigate. What’s more, this time I couldn’t find the annotate function so I used FotoTagger as an alternative instead.

The irony of it. Usually, I’m pretty good with finding my way round new Web tools as, by and large, using them becomes almost instinctual; almost, but not this time.

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