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POT Cert Week 17: smart tips and quick fixes for online classroom management #potcert

This week POTCert focuses on Classroom Management and Facilitation, Chapter 11 in the course textbook. Tips given cover record keeping, storing files and content on your own hard drive as opposed to the institution’s, the protocol for asking and responding to questions, using Twitter for class announcements and using groups to decrease workload and to adjust for class size.

Further tips were offered through Louisa Moon’s slide cast and Lisa Lane’s blog post. From Louisa I picked up that it’s important in the online classroom not to be tempted to offer one to one solutions. This is time consuming, and is not necessarily the most effective option. It’s better if you can develop options that will work through an intervention within a group.  Also, such strategies might help to form a community amongst the learners. Lisa, on the other hand, provided some great tips not about managing the classroom as such but more in terms of managing your resources so that they’re readily available to use in the online classroom.

Because I’m a little short of time this week and because the course remit advised us to  “use any format for this week’s comment on class facilitation (audio, video clip, quick slideshow) and embed it in your blog post”, I decided to make an animation of Lisa’s “seven things I’d want to know as a new online teacher” blog post. I needed a “quick win”. I hope you like it.

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